OM Decluttering Mind and Home

Begin where you are.

Earlier this year I attended a workshop on manifesting goals. The presenter gave us a Manifesto workbook to write down our BIG AUDACIOUS dreams. There was plenty of blank space for infinite dreaming and planning. My big audacious goal was to reduce STUFF and begin to live a minimalist lifestyle. I was feeling anxious all the time and felt a deep internal calling for change. I felt a misalignment with the life I have created for myself and the life I wanted. My entire life has been a bombardment of consumerism. From tiny knick knacks, essential oil bottles, purses, clothes, makeup, home decor and so much more. I was grasping at these things to help me feel good about living in modern society. Yes, it’s great to have nice things but how many different pairs of shoes, purses and jackets did I really need? Much too often I found myself feeling frustrated simply looking for the right outfits to wear, pressed for time, anxiously sifting through the volcanic eruption of clothes. My organizational skills & discipline declined. I had created my own cycle of cluttered hell in my home as well as in my mind.

To reduce the anxiety I felt on a daily basis, I would shop for more stuff. The shiny new things I found at the store magically pacified my anxiety and induced joy in those moments. Therefore, I continued that cycle for decades. Bringing home stuff and piling them on. After all, isn’t retail therapy a glorious thing?

What all that consumerism revealed about me was an avoidance of something greater; feelings that needed attention and nurturing. Freud wrote about civilization and it’s discontents and I felt extremely discontent and only minimally addressing the internal work, but mostly ignoring the pressing feelings and signals knocking inside my chest. Each purchase was an attempt to sooth something inside myself. My mind even became cluttered with cyclical thoughts and to distract the mind, I would fill my home with objects. These things served as temporary patches.

I realized what I was doing and what was happening and I had to hit the breaks fast! In order to manifest my BIG AUDACIOUS dreams, I had to shift gears and that meant doing something scary and uncomfortable. I had to take a detour from the chaos and declutter my life so I can truly create more space for living my life’s purpose.

I have this one life and there is no reset button so I’m redrawing the map, taking the wheel and driving towards a lifestyle that aligns well with my soul’s purpose. I know there will be roadblocks and I may even get a flat tire or two, but I’m willing to take that chance to push though the chaos into simplicity and the joys of being.

Thank you for taking the time to read my stories and I hope my journey inspires your own. This blog is intended to document my journey towards minimalism. I’d like to hear your feedback and only positive vibes please.

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